Understanding the Home Page of – the New Office Website of the National Open University of Nigeria

Many people have been saying they don’t understand how to use the new NOUN website i.e well, am going to try my best to explain some of the buttons you can find on the home page of the website and their uses.

I have made a screen grab of the home page above and I have also put red rectangles and red numbering on the 8 most important buttons on the site so that you can easily understand and jump to any button you want read about it.

  1. Home button

This button will bring you back to the home page from whatever page you were on, there is also one home button located at the button of the website encase you can’t find the top one.

  1. RRR Check Button

As the name implies, it is used to check if the Remitta Payment you made have reflected on the NOUN server, sometimes it may take up to 24 hours after payment is made before they reflect on the NOUN Server,  so you may need to visit this page a lot to check your RRR Number after every payment.

To check you RRR you simply click on the RRR Checker button on the home page, on the page that comes up you simply enter your RRR Number (don’t put any dash [–] or space between the numbers) and then select the “Payment Category” then click on the check button.

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  1. Student Login Button

This button is for returning students to login to their portal and access services like semester registration, course registration, exam registration, checking of result, paying of school fees etc.

Every student should have their unique username(matric number) and password which they will be using to login, please visit the ICT department of your study center if you don’t have a username and password yet or if you are finding it difficult to login or register as a returning student.

  1. Staff Login Button

Just like the Student Login Button this button will take you to the staff login page, I can’t really say much about this button since am not a staff of NOUN

  1. NOUN Study Center

This button directs you to a page where you will see locations of all the NOUN Study Centers all over Nigeria.

  1. Apply for Admission

This button is for aspiring student who want to gain admission into NOUN, the button takes you to a page were you will be requested to fill the application form for admission

  1. Notice to Staff

If you are a staff of NOUN you may need to be checking this button regularly because latest notice to staffs are usually posted there.

  1. Frequently Asked Question

This button contains link to answers to some of the questions student always ask about the website.

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So that is it for today, if you have any question or you have a topic you want me to write about you can leave it on the comment box or send me a mail at [email protected] .


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  1. I have made payment to register my remaining courses but yet it doesn’t reflect in my e wallet pls what happen?

  2. I was informed today that registration for exception letter have started and is closing on the 8th of April in due of this i quickly sent someone to help me did the registration but the network and server is down what can i do and i am planning to do it on Monday.
    Thank you.

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