TMA4/SED413 – Science, Technology and Society

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=9.50
SED413 – Science, Technology and Society
Dr Afolabi S.S ( )
1 The energy possed by a moving body is __
2 when a wood is burnt, the chemical energy in it is converted to ___
3 When a mobile phone is switched on to work, the ___ energy is converted to ___ energy
4 Which of these is a renewable energy?
5 The energy from the sun is called ___ energy
6 Which of these source of energy may be dangerous to life?
7 Fossil fuels are made up of ___
8 Carboniferous period is characterised by ___
9 Carboniferous period dates back to ___ years
10 ___ is a resource that does not renew itself at a sufficient rate for sustainable economic extraction.
11 Which of these can be used to generate electricity? I) coal; II) wind; II) river
12 Which of these is not a component of natural gas?
13 Radioactive elements are a product of ___
14 ___ found that electric current creates a magnetic field
15 If the thumb and the first two fingers are held mutually perpendicular, the second finger points to
16 Conductor with current in a magnetic field generates ___
17 __ is the branch of science that deals with electricity and magnetism
18 Which of these is the effect of evaporation?
19 A volatile liquid in the hand makes it cool, This is because ___ is taking place
20 __ discovered that movement of a magnet towards or away from a magnet induces electric current
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