TMA4/SED324 – School Science Laboratory

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number: SCORE=8.00
SED324 – School Science Laboratory
Mr Ejembi John E. ( )
1 Flammable substances are usually           marked with
2 Gases can be divided into 3 sub-classes on the basis of their hazardous follows except:
3 To ensure safety in handling chemicals, the labels must show
4 In considering the Human Body and Electricity, the more wet the body is:
5 The colour codes of the ‘earth “that should be followed while wiring a plug is
6 The colour codes of the ‘neutral “ that should be followed while wiring a plug is
7 Common causes of danger encountered in the biology laboratory could be
8 The three main factors necessary for fire outbreak are the following except:
9 Most fire extinguisher act by excluding the
10 Most likely causes of igniting fire in the laboratory is:
11 Fires involving flammable liquids e.g. petrol, oil, alcohol cannot be put off by
12 All the classes of fire can be put off by the following except
13 With the water extinguisher, attack the fire which is spreading
14 Principles to be obeyed in Fire Fighting include the following except:
15 Three important human resources in the management of the science laboratory are the following except
16 The science teacher is responsible for the following except
17 For prevention of Corrosion and Rust on materials and equipments, the laboratory should:
18 A well trained laboratory assistant is.
19 The laboratory assistant ant technicians should be recruited by
20 A well arranged science room should be characterized by
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