TMA4/MAC242 – Foundations of Broadcasting

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=9.50
MAC242 – Foundations of Broadcasting
Miss Ndukwe Grace ( )
1 How many major functions does the television control room have?
2 Where is the clearing house for programme materials?
3 For fast identification and retrieval, each programme is given?
4 The selection, ordering and airing of all programme material is known as?
5 All master control switching is done using?
6 What describes the flow of activities necessary to move from idea to the broadcast message?
7 A written document which shows what a producer intends to do is known as?
8 When is the most expensive and time consuming production phase?
9 What helps in selecting various video sources?
10 How good a microphone is depends on what characteristics?
11 A microphone converts acoustic energy into what?
12 Which microphone hears sounds from all directions equally?
13 Which are the most frequently used on-camera microphone
14 A type of resistance to the signal flow is known as?
15 All professional microphones have a balanced?
16 What shows a small video image of what the lens sees?
17 The beam splitter can also be called?
18 The actual camera is called?
19 A big red light on top of the camera that signals which of the two or more cameras is punched on the air is known as?
20 Who interpretes the process message into a broadcast presentation?
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