TMA4/GST202 – Fundamentals of Peace Studies and Conflict Resolutions

TMA Quiz Questions

GST202 – Fundamentals of Peace Studies and Conflict Resolutions

1 ECOWAS is a

A. Regional organisation
B. Subregional organisation  
C. Global organisation
D. Continental organisation

2 The Commonwealth of Nation is a voluntary association of former ________ colonies

A. French
B. British  
C. French and British
D. All Colonial

3 Which member of the Commonwealth in 1961 ceased to be a member because of its apartheid policy?

A. Canada
B. Ireland
C. South Africa  
D. Australia

4 Which assistance attracts permission from EEC members before Britain offers it to any commonwealth member?

A. Commonwealth games
B. Technical and monetary
C. Military
D. Trade  

5 Which is not a vestige of commonwealth history on her members?

A. Human right
B. Rule of law
C. Common language  
D. Africanism

6 Which conflict may be non-resolvable?

A. Conflict over resources
B. Conflict over psychological needs  
C. Conflict over values
D. Conflict over inadequate information

7 Conflict management does not include?

A. Conflict limitation
B. Conflict escalation  
C. Conflict containment
D. Conflict litigation

8 The goal of negotiation (Jeong 2000: 168) is “to ______ agreement through joint decision making between parties

A. Reach
B. Impose
C. Oppose
D. Enforce  

9 As a principle of conflict management negotiation requires __________

A. Meeting the legitimate interests of the parties to the extent possible
B. Resolving conflicting intererests fairly
C. Durable and preservation of on-going relationships
D. All the options  

10 The Acronym ECOWAS is

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A. Economic Countries of West African States  
B. Economic Communityof West African States
C. Encompassing Countries if West African States
D. Ecomiun of West African Countries

11 Which is true of an international organisation?

A. Forum for the pursuit of international peace and security  
B. International organisations have the status of a state
C. International organisation do not have arrangements transcending national boundaries
D. Membership is mandatory

12 Which year was United Nations organisation formed?

A. 1991
B. 1993
C. 1948
D. 1945  

13 The foremost officer of the United Nations is

A. President General
B. Auditor General
C. Secretary General  
D. Major General

14 Who is the current secretary general of united nations organisation?

A. Dag Hammarjjold
B. Boutros Boutros Ghali
C. Kofi Anna
D. Ban ki Moon  

15 Which is not an agency of UNO?

A. International Labour Organization
B. European Union  
C. Food and Agricultural Organisation
D. World Health Organisation

16 Which organisation of UNO stands for the promotion of education and culture among others?

A. ILO  

17 The Organisation of African unity (OAU) Was born on 25 May, 1963 in

A. Addis Ababa  
B. Abuja
C. Monrovia
D. Cairo

18 The name organisation of African Unity (OAU) metamorphosed to African Unity in

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A. 1991
B. 2000
C. 2002  
D. 2005

19 Which pair is not an organ of African Unity?

A. The Assembly of Heads of state and the Excutive Concil
B. Specialised committees and Pan-African parliament
C. Court of hustice and Economics and social Council etc
D. World Health Organisation and European Commission  

20 Which pair is not a method of peaceful settlement of dispute?

A. Concillation and Mediation
B. Arbitration and Judicial method
C. Concillation and Arbtitration
D. Reprisal and Intervention  


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