TMA4/ENT421 – Risk Management

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Matric Number:  SCORE=8.50
ENT421 – Risk Management
1 Risk management is an integral part of the project selection and management process.
2 Safeguarding operation of business from risk exposures informs the setting measures towards____the occurence.
3 The need to safeguard the operations of businesses from varied risk exposures and their grave impacts precipitates some concrete measures to be taken towards ________ their occurrence.
4 Maritime transportation peril rationale informed advent of_____schemes in managing air and land transportation.
5 To ensure safe and quality products and services, quality______and quality control engineers were used in industrial organization.
6 _______management was achieved in an organization when Walter A. Shewhart developed control charts in 1967.
7 Risk management is _________part of the project selection and management process.
8 Quality control is applied to all of production from_______to sale.
9 Application of total quality management in various industrial organizations improve_______of products and services.
10 What ensures appropriate measures to be in place for controlling risks in operation?
11 ________is setting aside some funds through which organizations indemnify themselves in the event of loss.
12 Element of cost in incidents of rsk include the following but______.
13 An important consideration in the cost of risk is the______of payment.
14 Administrative cost of reinstating a loss should be considered by the organization in order to____the option in financing of a risk event.
15 The risk manager must__________assess the organization’s exposure in order to ensure appropriate option for handling risk.
16 Corporate entities have to engage the use of a cmbination of funding mechanism to ensure the full utilization of_________.
17 ________involes transferring risks to another company that specializes in risk management companies.
18 ________is a product that protects organization against movements in price and in interest rates.
19 The pre-occupation of any risk manager revolves around taking_________measures towards reducing risk in an organization.
20 _______ operation of business from risk exposures inform the setting of measure s toward mitigating occurence.
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