TMA4/ENT419 – International Business I

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=8.50
ENT419 – International Business I
1 ______________ is goods shipped to the buyer for which payment is not made until goods are sold
2 __________could be confirmed and irrevocable
3 With an indirect channel ___________ does not have to correspond with foreign parties in foreign countries
4 __________exporter is a manufacturer with its own export organisation that is retained by other manufacturer to sell in some or all foreign markets
5 A company thinking internationally is known as _____________
6 __________ is an orientation that considers the whole world rather than any particular country as the target market
7 There is a high likelihood that geo-centric company does not identify with a ________ country
8 Coming of multinational corporation creates a further ____________ on the globe
9 The __________ union is a logical stage of cooperation in the transition from an FTA to a common markets
10 __________union is the most fully integrated form of regional cooperation
11 Most of the Issues in international business are rooted in fact that political systems, law etc are very significant from nation to nation _________
12 Some basic human rights are not respected in some nations especially by __________ countries
13 ____________ has been a problem in almost every society in history and it continues to be one today
14 __________ has power to central thier resources and to move production from country to country
15 ___________ is defined as a generalised perception or assumption that the actions of an entity are desirable
16 These include types of organisational legitimacy ___________
17 Each country having its own currency and obtaining currencies of trading partners is termed ________
18 The international business manager that understands the components of the __________environment will likely perform better
19 __________ the length and width of the channel employed is affected by:
20 Each country having its own currency and obtaining currencies of trading partners is termed __________
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