TMA4/ENT417 – Production Management I

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=9.00
ENT417 – Production Management I
1 Which of these statements is not true about productivity?
2 Aggregate production plans aim at:
3 The advantages of a good factory layout include the following except:
4 Process layout can also be referred to as _______.
5 This is not a major constraint of production policy.
6 _______ is a means to ensure that production performance is in accordance with the time schedules.
7 Method study is one of the methods of _________.
8 _______ refers to the actual processing time plus unloading and other allowances for personnel.
9 Maintenance of factory equipment should be handled by _______.
10 Standard hours are used in ______ manufacturing industries because some operations sometimes involve many components which are normally carried out using the same facility.
11 ________ indicates how well resources are used in production.
12 A ______ groups equipment so that all the various kinds of equipment necessary to make a single product or product line are located close together.
13 ________ is based on some units of measurement that are common to the mix of the products.
14 The producer is subjected to ‘peaks and troughs’ by ________.
15 The advantages of product layout include the following except:
16 ________ gives a measure of how long it takes a process or workpiece to pass through each operation.
17 ________ is the arrangement of machines, offices, equipment, light and electrical outlets, store rooms and all other fccilities in the plant or office.
18 Viewed in a wider perspective , production is referred to as _________.
19 Aggregate planning process makes use of such planning models as the following except:
20 The total time in which a job is to be completed at Standard performance is referred to as _______.

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