TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCCORE=9.50
Dr. Ojo Olugbenga D. ( )
1 A process whereby a person is helped in a face-to-face relationship is called
2 Individual counselling involves
3 Which of the following is NOT a feature of group counselling
4 The goal of individual counseling is
5 Which of the following is NOT a type of counselling
6 Components of Guidance and counselling practiced in school setting include educational guidance, vocational guidance and
7 During —– counselling interactions attempts are made to come up with answers to such important questions as How, when, what, where and why to study.
8 comprehensive data of the world of work and essential human needs are the product of — guidance
9 approaches to Counselling can be grouped under, eclectic, direct and
10 Learning is seen as an emotional as well as a —– processin counselling
11 Guidance is “A cluster of services all aimed at helping a person to understand— and to take appropriate steps in educational, occupational and life planning generally”.
12 What distinguishes a professional counsellor from someone who is not trained but tries to practice counselling?
13 Which technique helps the client in identifying and having clearer understanding of his problem?
14 Which of the following techniques uncovers someone’s feelings or reactions to situation or persons?
15 Which type of counselling technique involves the counsellor’s verbal and non-verbal reactions to the problem presented by the client?
16 The Counselling Association of Nigeria came into existence in the year
17 The Counsellor-student ratio recommended by APGA is
18 Indirect approach to counselling is also known as
19 The three types of counselling that are mainly practiced in schools are
20 Which of the following is NOT a guidance function of the school principal
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