TMA4/ECO255 – Mathematics For Economist I

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=9.00
ECO255 – Mathematics For Economist I
Mrs. Odishika Vivian Anietem ( )
1 An exponent is a mathematical notation that implies the number of times a number is to be multiplied by
2 Which of these options is not a simplified form of √180
3 The Cartesian product of X and Y is denoted by
4 Out of 26 students in a class, 14 are taking Maths lessons, 10 English and 5 Economics lessons. Out of this number, 4 are taking Maths and English, 3 Maths and Economics, and 1 English and Economics.  If no one is taking all 3 courses(together), how many student(s) are not taking any of the three courses? 
5 In logarithm, “ln” denotes natural logarithm and it is a base
6 The respective value of x and y in this problem: 2x + y = 9 …..(1) , 3x -y = 16 ………(2) are
7 If the discriminant in a quadratic equation is positive, then the quadratic equation has
8 For the sets {9,10,11} and (10,11,12}, the symmetric difference set is
9 A set of all the subsets of a set is called a
10 Finding an integral is the reverse of finding a/an
11 The value of 2 raised to the power -3 is
12 The respective value of x and y in this problem : 2x -3y =-2 …(1) and 4x + y = 24….(2), are
13 The name quadratic comes from
14 In the quadratic formula, (b2 – 4ac) is usually referred to as the
15 In completing the square in y = 3×2 – 12x – 7, the value of ad square is
16 In set theory, the symbol{U} represents a/an
17 In set theory the symbol of the null set is
18 When logarithm is written without a base it is usually assume to be in base
19 What is the value of log4 1/256
20 One of the following is not a rule of integration

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