TMA4/ECO247 – The Nigerian Economy in Perspective II

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=9.00
ECO247 – The Nigerian Economy in Perspective II
Mrs. Odishika Vivian Anietem ( )
1 The character and pace of economic development is ultimately determined by the
2 Which tier of government is in charge of referral Medicare, to which teaching and specialist hospitals belong
3 One of the negative impacts of the Trans-Saharan trade on Nigeria was that
4 The merging to various degrees of economic and economic policies of two or more countries in a given region is termed
5 Which one of the following options is not a problem facing ECOWAS
6 Health has been defined by the World Health Organisation (1996) as a state of
7 In Nigeria, the fall in the contribution of the construction industry to the GDP in the late 1980s and early nineties is attributed to
8 The following except one are types of economic integration
9 The explicit harmonisation of monetary policies and the common pool of foreign exchange reserves under the authority of a single central bank is called ?
10 The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) has
11 The primary objective of the money market is to raise
12 One of these is not a quality of education
13 The word which best describes the activities of buying, selling, exchange and distribution of goods and services, domestically and locally is ?
14 One glaring feature of the Building and Construction Industry in Nigeria is the growing dependence on
15 One of these is not an advantage of economic integration
16 Small and Medium scale Enterprises are assumed to be the engine of growth of most economies as they perform the following growth enhancing functions
17 The Alma-Ata Declaration states that the essential functions of the Primary Health Care include all of these except
18 One of these is not a factor hindering the growth of the building and construction sector
19 Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) , aims at
20 One of these is not an objective of NEPAD
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