TMA4/CIT102 – Software Application Skill

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=10.00
CIT102 – Software Application Skill
1 Statistical analysis plays an important role in ___________
2 One of these converts computer digital information into what we can understand
3 Data can be searched in the database using _________
4 Instructions given to the computer to execute are in form of __________.
5 One of these is a design type in microsoft access
6 Which of these is a word file extension?
7 An excel file usually has the ____ extension
8 The E on the standard tool bar of microsoft excel allows _______
9 One of these is a trend type when plotting trend lines of a graph
10 A _____ is a data structure consisting of different items of data all related to a common subject
11 One of these is not a property of fields used in database
12 The Central Unit part of a Central Processsing Unit operates in what is called the ___________ cycle.
13 When using a table in microsoft access as a new user it is strongly advised to make use of the __________
14 One of these is not among the steps of opening MS-Access
15 One of these is not an example of database application
16 _________ are deifned as the screen platforms between a user and database records
17 These are common types of data used in field types in a database application except _____
18 Usually the character fields of a DBMS are limited to _____ characters
19 DBMS, stands for Database management ___________
20 A _____ is the group of records that hold all the data involved in a database
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