TMA4/CHM192 – Introductory Chemistry Practical II

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number: SCORE=10.00
CHM192 – Introductory Chemistry Practical II
Miss Abdul Modupe ( )
1 The principal purpose of extraction is ___________.
2 The boiling point of methanol is ______________.




3 Which equipment can be used for a fire?
4 Which of these properties is considered during recrystallization process?
5 A cube of copper was found to have a mass of 630 g. What are the dimensions of the cube given the density of copper to be 8.94 g/cm3.
6 Why is ethanol not a suitable solvent for extracting aqueous solutions?
7 Freezing points are difficult to determine because of the phenomenon of ___________
8 What is the meaning of “oiling out” during recrystallization?
9 Insoluble impurities have ______________ effect on the melting pont.
10 Which of the following is helpful in establishing the purity of a compound?
11 The phenomenon whereby solids pass directly from the solid state to the gaseous state is termed ___________
12 Mercury is traded by the “flask”, a unit that has a mass of 34.5 kg. What is the volume of a flask of mercury if the density of mercury is 13.6 g/ml?
13 What is the boiling point of ethanol at 720 mm Hg when its normal point at 760 mm Hg is known to be 78.3 o C




14 Which of these best describes a phenomenon whereby a solid suddenly shrinks before melting?
15 How many layers are usually formed in a separating funnel?
16 Which of the following features decreases boiling point?
17 What is the effect of a small amount of impurity on the melting point of an organic compound?
18 You are given a bottle that contains 4.59 cm3 of a metallic solid. The total mass of the bottle is 35.66 g. The empty bottle weighs 14.23 g, what is the density of the solid?
19 What is the effect of a small amount of impurity on the boiling point of an organic compound?
20 Which of these is not a useful physical property used to identify an organic compound?
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