TMA4/BIO411 – Parasitology

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BIO411 – Parasitology
Dr. Olaniyi Omolara ( )
1 Phylum Acanthocephala consists of parasitic worms known as the following except
2 What do worms in the phylum Acanthocephala use to pierce and hold the gut of their hosts?
3 Macracanthorhyncus spp ia a parasite of
4 Gigantorhynchus gigas can measure up to ___ cm.
5 Intermediate host of Polymorphus spp is __
6 Clinical symptoms of acanthecephalan parasite include the following except
7 They are segmented worms and haematophagous, feeding on vertebrate hosts. What are they?
8 Why are leeches considered temporary ectoparasites?
9 Most leeches feed on ___
10 What is hirudin?
11 Eggs of leeches are held in cocoons with the use of __
12 What are arthropods?
13 They act as either parasite vectors or as ecto-parasites themselves and characteristically possess jointed appendages. What are they?
14 What type of arthropods are usually more common as vectors of diseases?
15 Which are the most successful animals on land?
16 How can arthropods serve as vectors?
17 They have a global distribution, comprise one of the largest parasite groups, and cause a number of debilitating and deforming diseases. What are they?
18 In a parasitic association, abiotic factors in the host which influence the survival, distribution, prevalence and intensity of the parasite include the following except __
19 Which of the following is not correct term used in describing host selection of parasites?
20 When parasites and hosts exert reciprocal selective pressures on each other, ________ results.
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