TMA4/BIO408 – Soil Ecology

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BIO408 – Soil Ecology
Dr. Olaniyi Omolara ( )
1 Which of the following is not correct about plate-like soil structure?
2 What is soil particle density?
3 How would you define soil bulk density?
4 What does increase in bulk density suggest to a soil manager?
5 For soils with the same particle density, the lower the density, _____
6 ___ are the main soil forming materials.
7 Micronutrients are otherwise referred to as ____.
8 The soil can be described as predominantly a ___ matrix, containing ___ and ___ organic matter, with varying amounts of gases and liquids within the matrix.
9 Coarse soil fractions can be viewed with the unadided eye, while fine soil fractions are viewed with ___.
10 ___ minerals dominate the sandy fraction of soils, whereas ___ minerals are most prominent in the silt.
11 Soil ____ is a measure of its active hydrogen ion (H+) concentration.
12 Aluminium ion (Al+) is soluble under the acid conditions, and its reactivity with water hydrolysis produces ___.
13 Rate of nutrient release and cycling of organic matter is dependent on the quality/property of the organic material. Which of the following is not correct?
14 pH scale ranges from ___, with pH7 being ___
15 In humid conditions, two parcels of land (A and B) were sown to different crops. Land “A” was sown to conifers while land “B” was sown to legumes. Which soil is likely to be more acidic after some seasons of cultivation?
16 The cation exchange capacity is measured in ___.
17 There is need to lay emphasis on proper management of soils in order to encourage ___.
18 ___are the soil organisms that depend mainly on detritus also called debris of the ecosystem.
19 In biogeochemical cycles, nutrient elements usually enter the living system through ___.
20 In the carbon cycle the primary photosynthesizers are ___.
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