TMA4/BIO307 – Evolution

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BIO307 – Evolution
Dr. Chukwu Maureen ( )
1 The following are evidences of evolution except:
2 Who introduced the term polyploidy?
3 When was the phenomenon of polyploidy discovered?
4 ____ found that pelements were transferred from some species in Drosphilawillistoni to Drosphilamelanogaster?
5 Recombination can occur:
6 According to wright the probability of a fixation of a beneficial Allele is _______
7 The followings are conditions for natural selection except:
8 Which of the following results in a deviation from Hardy-Weinberg distribution?
9 Which of the following are components of genetic variation? I Allelic diversity II Random associations III Non random associations of alleles Iv Recombinations
10 Which of the following is not a type of variation?
11 The following are the causes of variation except:
12 Which of the following provide the solution to how variation is maintained in apopulation with Mendelian inheritance?
13 Who refered to competition as struggle for existence?
14 Evolution can be divided into ______ divisions
15 Who favoured the ideal that morphs become fixed in a population by means of weight drift?
16 Who is the founder of Niche research?
17 Which of the following disciplines does not study ploymorphism?
18 The following are social insects except:
19 rom which of the following selection types does social behaviour evolve? I natural II kin III Group
20 Which of the following concepts does not traed equally well into ecological and evolutionary theory?
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