TMA4/BIO305 – Molecular Biology

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number: SCORE=8.00
BIO305 – Molecular Biology
Dr. Chukwu Maureen ( )
1 The non identical pair of chromosomes found in mammals and birds are called the ______
2 The term molecular biology was first used in the year __.
3 In which of the following fields is the knowledge of molecular biology being applied? I. Agriculture, II. Biotechnology, III. medicine.
4 Which of the following is not true of nucleic acids?
5 Which of the following is not true of chromosomes
6 The following are the shapes of chromosomes except:
7 DNA is a polymer of _____
8 Which of the following nitrogenous base is not present in RNA?
9 The full genetic information that an organism inherit from the parents is inscribed in __.
10 The set of rules by which information encoded in genetic material;DNA or mRNA sequences is translated into protein amino acids by living cells is called_____
11 The order of the nucleotides in a gene specifies the amino acidd sequence of a protein through_____
12 Which of the following is not a step involved in chain elongation?
13 The smallest genetic unit that can mutate is a __.
14 A portion of DNA specifying a single polypeptide chain is referred to as a __.
15 The following are the functions of genetic materials except:
16 Which of the following is the largest type of RNA?
17 Which of the following is not a step involved in the p[rocess of protein synthesis?
18 How many steps has the central dogma involved in protein synthesis?
19 Which of the following are the instructions for making specific proteins?
20 Which of the following is not true of transcription?
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