TMA4/BIO192 – General Biology Practical II

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number: SCORE=10.00
BIO192 – General Biology Practical II
Mr. Adams Abiodun ( )
1 In reptiles, the use of lungs permits use of atmospheric air for ___________________
2 In amphibians, the ____________ are protected from water-borne dirt by nictitating membranes.
3 Pisces use ________________ for locomotion in water
4 In Pisces, their stream-lined shape with no neck minimizes friction during passage ___________.
5 Webbed feet in amphibians facilitate _____________________-.
6 In birds,______________ provide a dry and extremely light covering for the body, as well as good insulating layer.
7 Sweat glands in the ______________ cool body on hot days.
8 Lungs enable mammals to use atmospheric _____________.
9 A rigid exoskeleton is a characteristic of the phylum __________________
10 The organism that posseses a mantle and radula is _____________
11 A roundworm called Ascaris lumbricoides is found in _______________
12 The body of roundworms is covered by a layered _____________
13 In tapeworms, the hooks and suckers on the ______________ is used as an attachment device
14 The sheep liver fluke is called Fasciola ______________
15 Porifera or sponges means _____________ bearing
16 The Division Bryophyta is divided into _________ numbers of classes
17 The _____________ were the earliest land plants and are a transitional group between terrestrial and aquatic plants
18 The fungal kingdom is classified into ______________ number of phyla
19 The protozoans are classified into ___________ number of divisions
20 Protists are classified into ___________ number of groups
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