TMA4/BIO191 – General Practical Biology I

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number: SCORE=9.00
BIO191 – General Practical Biology I
Mr. Adams Abiodun ( )
1 A spinal frog, one in which the entire brain is destroyed, is
 prepared by a procedure known as __________
2 In anaesthesizing animals, _______ and ether are used 
as anaesthesing agents.
3 Bony fish possess mainly bony _______ and _______ 
4 A _____ is used to measure the rate of loss of water
 by plants in the laboratory
5 Animals are dissected in _____ in the
6 A piece of potato in Petri dish and a drop of iodine 
added is testing for __________
7 ________water is used for running experiments in
 the laboratory
8 The pH of a medium is usually adjusted in the lab 
by adding HCl or____________
9 The scientific name of rat is _______
10 A cross section across a root can be viewed with a _____
11 You want to indicate how big the specimen you 
have drawn is in relation to your drawing by way of __________
12 Dissected animals are disposed in the laboratory by _____
13 You pick the skin of an animal with a ______
14 Metal cans are sterilized in the lab using ____________
15 The structure of an organism is also called ______
16 Required temperature in ovens and water 
baths is maintained by a____
17 Bacteria cells are classified on the basis of
 their reactions to _______ stain
18 A thin section of water leaf stem can be
 made with a _________or microtome
19 ____________are words to describe your drawings
20 The female Agama agama is easily distinguished with its
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