TMA3/SED413 – Science, Technology and Society

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=9.00
SED413 – Science, Technology and Society
Dr Afolabi S.S ( )
1 WHO means:
2 Which of these is/are problem(s) related to the use of science, technology and society? I) Air pollution; II) Thermal pollution; III) Land pollution?
3 Which of these can be polluted? I) Land; II) Air; III) Waste
4 ___ is an example of a pollutant
5 Pollution can lead to ___ I) death; II) disease; III) fertile land
6 According to WHO `statistics of 2012 air pollution caused the death of about ___ world wide
7 Which of these can increase global morming?
8 Volatile organic compound is an example of ___ pollution
9 Which of the following sulphur compound?
10 Which of these is/are air pollutant? I)Nitrogen compound; II) Particulates; III) Sulphur oxide
11 Which of these is/are water pollutant? I Trash and gabbage; II) silt; III) fertilizers containing nitrates and phosphates
12 Polluted water can cause I) cholera; II) malaria; III) diarrhea
13 The rise in temperature on earth as certain gases in the atmosphere trap the earth’s radiated energy is called__
14 The increase in the average temperature of global surface air and oceans as a result of natural events and human activities is called ___
15 The act of tree felling can cause ___
16 Deforestation could be as a result of the following except ___
17 Example(s) of green-house gas(es) is/are I) nitrogen IV oxide; II) sulphur hexafluoride; III) water vapour
18 The form of energy that cannot run out is called __
19 Gravitational energy is obtained from the ___
20 Wind and radiant energy from geothermal heat is an example of __
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