TMA3/SED324 – School Science Laboratory

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number: SCORE=7.50
SED324 – School Science Laboratory
Mr Ejembi John E. ( )
1 Microorganisms can get into 
the body through the
following processes EXCEPT
2 Which is NOT a protective clothing
 to reduce direct contact with
3 What would you do to cultures, instruments and glasswares before
 disposing them?
4 What type of bags can be used in
 disposing off carcasses?
5 The colour code of live wire is
6 What causes wrong electrical
 connections considering the
 wiring colour codes?
7 Exposed electrical equipment
 are often covered with
8 Laboratory appliances are 
protected using correct
9 Who cause most of the 
electrical accident during 
installations in schools?
10 Faulty workmanship is 
caused by the following
 reasons EXCEPT
11 Human contact through
 ingestion takes place during
12 Types of hazards are classsified into
13 Colour of hazardous water reactive chemicals is
14 The hazardous chemicals 
with yellow colour label is 
likely to be
15 Gases are divided into 
how many sub-classes 
based on their hazardous 
16 Chemicals could be labelled 
to identify the nature of 
the substance as
17 Which of the following laboratory equipment is NOT A division of glass material?
18 Mouth pipettes are advisable
 to draw up the following reagents
19 Which of the following is NOT 
true of reagents in glass bottles?
20 Unserviceable non-consumale items include
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