TMA3/MAC242 – Foundations of Broadcasting

TMA Quiz Questions
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MAC242 – Foundations of Broadcasting
Miss Ndukwe Grace ( )
1 How many major functions are all audio consoles built to perform?
2 Audio consoles are built to perform the following functions except?
3 What is the primary function of the patchbay?
4 Every wired patch panels contain row of holes which are also known as?
5 Which is the life wire of the control room?
6 The general shape of most studios are?
7 When the studio is larger, productions are more?
8 In order for cameras to travel smoothly, studio floors must be?
9 Since television studios are without windows, what is essential for its function?
10 Studio doors must be?
11 The production crew can see shots which have been selected and antipate future tasks with?
12 Television scenery consists how many dimensions?
13 The flat which is a scenic element is used to?
14 For a storage area, the most important thing is how it?
15 Makeup and dressing in small productions are done where?
16 All activites in the televsion studio are monitored where?
17 Television programmes are aired to a second-by-second schedule which is called?
18 What is the selection of video images as supplied by cameras or other video sources?
19 A small radio station attached to the television control room is known as the audio?
20 The lighting control board can be located where?
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