TMA3/GST203 – Introduction to Philosophy and Logic

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=10.00
GST203 – Introduction to Philosophy and Logic
Mr. Amusa Jamiu Oluwadamilare ( )
1 The word “Magister dixit” simply mean__________
2 _________ can be described as “immediacy of apprehension”
3 Deductive argument is valid if only if ______
4 An argument whose premises is true while its conclusion is false could be said to be ______
5 ______ is the name we give to the way awareness apprehends when awareness apprehends appearance directly
6 if I say I know “X” but “X” is not true, my statement is therefore_______
7 Philosophy is different from religion because ______
8 Philosopher says he “knows” somebody only when ______
9 The term ” simple apprehension, judgement, reasoning and argument” constitute what is called
10 In philosophy, authority is the ______ of knowledge
11 ______ can be seen as a pre-condition for knowledge
12 According to Balm (1995:5), “intuition” is ______
13 Of the following, _____ is not a source of knowledge
14 _________ is the act by which the mind forms the concept of something without affirming or denying anything about it
15 Mathematics is to the science, ______ is to philosophy
16 In logic, to infer means ______
17 The premise in the statement “As soon as Dr. Ofotokun comes, he marks his scripts” is _______
18 ________ can be refered to as the Queen of all subjects acording to Otakpor
19 Syllogism is an argument, which contains ______ propositions, two of which are called the premise and the conclusion
20 Inductive argument proceeds from the experienced to the ______
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