TMA3/GST102 – Use of English & Communication Skills II

TMA Quiz Questions

GST102 – Use of English & Communication Skills II
Ms. Onwumelu Nora ( )

1 Neither Dele nor his wife______ considerate

A. are
B. is  
C. were
D. his

2 I am not _______ good judge of poetry.

A. an
B. a  
C. the
D. some

3 Yola was occupied by _______ soldiers.

A. an
B. a
C. the  
D. them

4 There are _____ consonant sounds in English language

A. 22
B. 23
C. 24  
D. 25

5 One of the following words does not have /:/ as in ‘birds’

A. bed
B. perk
C. urge  
A. dearth

6 which of the following does not have /ts/ in its initial sound

A. chaos  
B. champion
C. church
D. choose

7 To speak English well, you have to learn correct __________ of words.

A. combination
B. symetry
C. pronunciation  
D. philosophy

8 Symbols used to represent sounds in English are placed between _________ to distinguish them from the letters of the English alphabet

A. cross bars
B. slant bars  
C. scrow bars
D. crow bars

9 They ________ come here daily.

A. does
B. do  
C. dot
D. done

10 The dog hurt _____ legs

A. his
B. is
C. it’s
D. its  

11 Break the word INCOMPREHENSIBLE into its syllable components

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A. inc/om/pre/hen/si/ble
B. in/com/pre/hensi/ble
C. in/com/pre/hen/sible  
D. income/pre/hen/sible

12 Either you or I _______ to blame

A. is  
B. are
C. were
D. am

13 You are the one who __________ spreading the news

A. is  
B. are
C. was
D. were

14 There are more sounds in the English language than there are _________ in its alphabet.

A. letters  
B. meters
C. semesters
D. parameters

15 /t/ is silent in all of these words except in ________

A. little  
B. wrestle
C. christmas
D. whistle

16 Pick the odd one out

A. loin
B. why  
C. ploy
D. joy

17 One difficulty found in English pronunciation is ____________

A. no agreed relationship between letters and sounds
B. no perfect correspondence between letters and sounds  
C. no dynamic cooperation between letters and sounds
D. no profound control between letters and sounds

18 Which of the following words contain the CAPITALISED sound in ‘priZe’

A. price
B. dice
C. thrice
D. dies  

19 Which of these words has ONLY ONE consonant sound at its beginning?

A. twinkle
B. philosophy
C. clarion
D. Asmear  

20 The extra force used in speaking, on a particular word or syllable in English is ___________ .

A. Word Stress  
B. Speech Stress
C. Word Force
D. Word Strength

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