TMA3/ENT419 – International Business I

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=9.50
ENT419 – International Business I
1 The full meaning of FDI is _________________
2 FDI occur when a firm invest _________in facilities to produce or market a prduct in a foreign country
3 ________ was the post wator of the product life cycle theory
4 The free market view argues _________ production should be distributed among countries according to the theory of comparative advantage
5 The ________ view traces its roofs to marxist political and economic theory
6 Practical economy is the stydy of how __________ actors influence the functioning of an economic system
7 A _________ is a government payment to a demostic producer
8 ___________ countries offer more market potential
9 __________ the length and width of the channel employed is affected by:
10 An international business man must think of appropriate __________ mix for his product
11 _________ selling is one on one selling in international business
12 _________channel is a logical and natural choice for costly industrial products
13 The function of an __________ broker is to bring buyer and seller together for a fee
14 An export management company manages the entire export programme of a __________
15 The product ________ desired by a manufacturer can dictate the manner
16 The type of product determines how that product should be _____________
17 The oversees distribution channel often has to be than disired ___________
18 It is important to always renumber that products are ___________
19 Specialty goods of today may be nothin than the __________ of tomorrow
20 ____________custom can explain why a particular channel is in existence
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