TMA3/ENT417 – Production Management I

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE-9.50
ENT417 – Production Management I
1 This is not an undesirable output.
2 The primary aim of operations planning is:
3 _____ involves the conversion of inputs by combining them to produce output.
4 _______ is concerned with physical layout of production and design of individual jobs.
5 Types of operations control include the following except:
6 This is not interested in the production output.
7 Production inputs include the following except:
8 These are key aspects of system operations except:
9 Environmental inputs include the following but one:
10 _______ can be achieved through method study and work measurement.
11 Production function is universal because:
12 Technology control has this major challenge.
13 This statement is not correct.
14 What is the primary function of production?
15 The key factors in system design include the following except:
16 The key decisions in equipment and work design include the following except:
17 This statement is wrong.
18 ______ ensures the quality of the finished product or service meets the standards set in the design stage and meets with approval of customer.
19 Techniques used to ensure optimal solution to the problem of scheduling are the following except:
20 _______ is designed to produce a few standardized products in high quantity at low cost.
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