TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  7.50
Dr. Ojo Olugbenga D. ( )
1 Record Keeping is one of the functions of the Counsellor. It involves – – and – except about events occurring in the life of an individual. –
2 School record is a reference point when there is need to make – about a student who is transferring from one school to another
3 This technique helps the Counsellor in probing and thereby explores the problem being presented by the client
4 The meaning of the concept of group counselling shows that, group process is — and developmental
5 periodic assessment of students’ academic achievement as a concept of continous assessment focus on
6 Information on affective of students is gathered through except
7 Psychomotor is concerned with muscular and
8 Vocational guidance leads to
9 Catholic Reverend Sisters had to do with – in Nigeria
10 Nigeria Career Council with the principle of widening her services launched a Newsletter known as
11 How can counselling techniques be acquired by a professional counsellor?
12 What distinguishes a professional counsellor from someone who is not trained but tries to practice counselling?
13 Which technique helps the client in identifying and having clearer understanding of his problem?
14 Which of the following techniques uncovers someone’s feelings or reactions to situation or persons?
15 The journal published by the counselling Association of Nigeria is called
16 Who is the author of “An Approach to Guidance in Schools”
17 Who is the nerve centre of the guidance programme in the school
18 Which of the following is NOT a guidance function of the school principal
19 Guidance programme is a teamwork approach, which one of the following is NOT involved in the administration of guidance programme in the school?
20 The stages involved in the organization and administration of a school guidance programme are
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