TMA3/EDU332 – Introduction to Educational Technology

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=9.00
EDU332 – Introduction to Educational Technology
Mr. Adebanjo Adetayo ( )
1 When was the first school established in Nigeria
2 CEDO means __
3 The first educational broadcast in Nigeria is __
4 The first educational broadcast in Nigeria was established in______
5 BBC means ____
6 The full meaning of WNTV is __
7 The first television station in Africa is known as __
8 The Nigeria school of broadcasting unit was established in_____
9 The School Broadcasting Unit was first changed in______
10 The nomenclature of School Broadcasting Unit was Changed to __
11 The latest nomenclature of School Broadcasting Unit is__
12 __ is an important Component of training of professional teachers
13 ________numbers of foreign body/organization interven into development of educational technology in Nigeria
14 All these are the foreign organization that help in the development of educational technology except _______
15 __ is a collection of elements parts which work together cooperatively with purpose of achieving predetrmined goal
16 _______Foreign organisation has been assisted by Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria
17 The Foreign Organisation/Body that has played a significant role in the establishement of audio-visual units in the colleges of education is ________
18 The Foreign bodies under which audio-visua aid unit of University of Ibadan established is called______
19 _____is the aspect of educational technology that enjoy the entrnchement into the teacher education curriculum
20 The Nigerian University audiovisual and closed -circuit television established in ________
21 _____out of these statement is not TRUE about Distance learning

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