TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=10.00
Dr Clark Anthonia ( )
1 __education in england can be described as the education of young children below the age of eleven years
2 __report of 1967 greatly enhanced the development and improvement of nursery education in England
3 Which school is very expensive and meant for children of the upper class
4 The formulation of Nigeria’s educational policy is the responsibilty of the __council of education in collaboration with Ministry of Education.
5 Adult education in Japan is regarded as __education
6 Education comparativists should extend their co-operation to the philosophers, sociologists, historians, economists,as well as __
7 __simply means a group of people from the same geographical location seeing themselves as one and begin to discriminate against others from another geographical location
8 Till when was Nigeria as a country been able to produce only three civillian presidents since 1960 when it got her independence?
9 Education in most if not all the African countries can have its origin traced to the __
10 The state of a country’s __determines the national education system of that country.
11 At what level is a child expected to take another language in addition to his own local language?
12 __is one of the things that can make man to be different from the lower animals
13 What level of education in England can be dated back to 1850 through the efforts of Friedrich Frobel as well as Maria Montessori?
14 The beginning of a national education system in Britatin can be traced to the year
15 Most private secondary schools in Brazil belongs to the
16 What type of tertiary institution is designed for the graduates of lower secondary education?
17 Secondary school teachers are trained in the
18 Teachers for kindergarten schools are trained in the ___________________________
19 Which levels of Education are not free and compulsory for the Japanese children.
20 How many percentage of children go to private Junior secondary school in Japan?
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