TMA3/ECO255 – Mathematics For Economist I

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=9.00
ECO255 – Mathematics For Economist I
Mrs. Odishika Vivian Anietem ( )
1 One of these is not a property of inequality
2 The solution of this inequality 20y +5 < 65 is
3 Given the following equation, 2y + 12 what value of y will produce an acute angle
4 Provide answers to the following (i) 8 with 3 as exponent (ii) 4 with 4 as exponent
5 The value of (-6/4)2 is
6 The answer gotten when this two complex numbers (2+ 6i)+(4-4i) are added is
7 The result of this division (3+2i) ÷ (4-3i) is
8 A solution of an inequality is a number which when substituted for the variable, makes the inequality
9 Given this notation a≤ b, which of the following statements is false
10 If a is less than b and b is less than c, then a is less than c. What property of inequality is displayed in the statement?
11 The value of 0.52 raised to the power 4 is?
12 An equation of this nature 2x +4y = 3 is called
13 The respective value of x and y in this problem :y- 3x =0 …..(1); x+ y = 8 …..(2) are
14 In a quadratic equation, if the discriminant is negative, then the quadratic equation has
15 Venn diagrams were conceived by
16 Provide the solution to the inequality problem: 10y – 6 < -8y + 3
17 If y = 90, then angle y is a/ an
18 The values of 6 raised to the power zero and 6 raised to the power 1 are
19 The value of – 9 cube is ?
20 The value of x in this equation 4x + 5 = x – 4 is   
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