TMA3/BUS451 – Comparative Management

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=10.00
BUS451 – Comparative Management
Mr Agu Chukwudi Paul ( )
1 The main approaches to comparative management are _____ in number.
2 In general the ______ can best be characterized as following democratic-participative style.
3 Robert Katz identified _____ managerial skills essential to successful management.
4 There are ____ areas of personal management skills you must master to be successful as a manager.
5 Mangham ____ has perceptively suggested, management vocabulary is full of terms which purport to describe the qualities of managers
6 In a private sector, any skill adopted is tailored towards achieving —– aims.
7 Mangham _____ talks of this as ‘the theatre of the skull.
8 Researcher such as _____ suggest that the essence of leadership is ‘sense-making
9 Lindblom _____ has called this style ‘disjointed incrementalism.
10 Richard Heller _____ stresses that most business decision-making involves thinking with incomplete information.
11 McKenny and Keen ____ have suggested that managers exhibit different cognitive styles.
12 Gosling suggests that there are _____ ‘management minds’
13 Non-profit organizations generally have a ______ tiered hierarchical structure.
14 Corporate body operates within the ____ establishing their setting, structure and formation.
15 ___ ____ management culture concentrates on dynamics of the orgtual values and objectives.
16 ____-cultural management is the combination of knowledge.
17 According to Murgatroyd ____ “The key to success is communication”,
18 Members of _____ -term orientation societies prefer quick results and instant gratification.
19 ____ -term orientation emphasizes perseverance and savings for future betterment.
20 ____Management, as the process of achieving organizational goals by engaging in the four basic functions of management, namely, planning, organizing, leading and controlling
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