TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=9.50
Dr. Chukwu Maureen ( )
1 How many stage(s) does archenteron invagination take in sea urchin gastrulation?
2 Which of the following is / are critical stage(s) between the events of fertilization and organ formation? I. gestation, II. cleavage, III. gastrulation
3 In which of the following organisms is the rangements of the oocyte cytoplasm not crucial for cell differentiation later in development?
4 Which of the following does fertilization accomplish? I. sperm and egg contact, II. Combination of genes, III. Creation of new organism
5 Which of the following initiates the acrosome reaction in sea urchins?
6 Which of the following statements best describe an egg?
7 Which of the following is / are necessary for cell division?
8 Which of the following stages of cell division are closely related?
9 Incomplete cleavage is otherwise known as:
10 Which of the following cannot induce acrosome reaction?
11 Which of the following organisms undergo internal fertilization?
12 Which of the following terms is not another name for fertilization?
13 From which of the following is the centromere needed to produce the mitotic spindle of cell division derived?
14 The species – specific recognition of sea urchin gametes does not occur at which of the following level?
15 Which of the following statements best describe fertilization?
16 Which stage of the meiotic prophase ends with the breakdown of the nuclear membrane and the migration of chromosomes to the metaphase poles?
17 At which stage of prophase 1 does synapsis occur?
18 What does the germ cells entering meiosis later become in hermatphroditic animals?
19 Which stage of prophase 1 is characterized by a high level of gene transcription?
20 In which of the following cell divisions are the daughter nuclei genetically identical to the parent cell?
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