TMA3/BIO408 – Soil Ecology

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BIO408 – Soil Ecology
Dr. Olaniyi Omolara ( )
1 Why is it best to think of soil test reports more as indicative rather than quantitative?
2 You want to determine the growth potential of a maize plant on the the field, what type of analysis would you carry out?
3 Plant tissue analysis is a direct measure of ___.
4 In plant tissue analysis, what precautions must be taken?
5 Cowpea was grown on a piece of land this season and the next season, the rotation plan is to plant rice. How will you access the nitrogen level of the soil to help determine the level of supplimentary nitrogen?
6 Plant and soil analysis reveal ___.
7 Comparative samples for good and bad areas of production field are very effective in ___.
8 Which of the following is not a reason for carrying out soil analysis?
9 Soil analysis of a parcel of land revealed that the soil down the gentle slope have higher silt content than the mid portion of the land, which has higher sand content.On which part of the land would plants be less prone to drought?
10 How does soil organic matter affect the amount of water available to plants?
11 Soil compaction generally reduces the amount of water that plants can take up. Which of the following options is not correct?
12 Which of the following factors limit root growth?
13 What is plant – available water?
14 Soil layering refers to ___.
15 In order to assess soil for its suitability for agricultural and environment projects, what would a soil scientist consider?
16 Soils typically change with depth through the various layers within a soil profile. Which of the following is not correct?
17 Which of the following is not a soil component used in accurate colour description of the colour chip?
18 Which of the following is a major factor that has great influence on the colour of soil?
19 Which of the following does not fall into the broad groups of soil textural classes?
20 Which of the following is not a principal shape of soil structure?
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