TMA3/BIO403 – Population Genetics

TMA Quiz Questions
BIO403 – Population Genetics
Dr. Chukwu Maureen ( )
1 In males, the genotypic frequencies will be same as those of the ____ in the population
2 Which of the following is altered by deviations from random mating in population genetics?
3 Which of the following forms of genetic drift occurswhen a population is initially established by a small number of breeding individuals?
4 In which of the following condition(s) is genetic drift frequent? I/ populations occupy marginal habitats, II. competitio for resourses limit population growth, III. there is rapid gene flow.
5 Which of the following phenotypes is the universal reciepient in the ABO blood group system?
6 Suppose that in apopulation of 100,000 people carrying the recessive allele a foralbinism, there are 100 aa albinos and 1800 Aa hetrozygous carriers, How many of the hetrozygous carriers will be in the next generation?
7 Almost all mathematical foundations of genetics changes in populations were developed during: I. 1920s, II. 1930s, III. 1940s
8 If 57% of pupils in a population have black hair, what is the frequency of black hair in the population?
9 Which of the following is not involved in bottle neck effect?
10 Which of the following forms of genetic drift occurs when a population is drastically reduced in size
11 Which of the following factors does not reduce population size?
12 Population (A) 72 breeding adults, 70 females and 2 males while population (B) with 72 breeding adults equally distributed between males and females___ is the effect of their genetic drift
13 At equillibrum the expected frequency of colour blind males in African Americans is ______
14 Which of the following is not x linked trait?
15 At what frequency do most allele that cause genetic disease in human occur?
16 The following are variations in chromosome structure except__.
17 Who championed the importance of genetic drift?
18 Which of the followingrefer to random change in the allelic frequency due to chance?
19 Mutation of a dominant gene (A) to a recessive gene (a) is refered to as a ____ mutation
20 Which of the following provides the raw genetic materials upon which evolution acts?
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