TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number: SCORE=9.00
Dr. Olaniyi Omolara ( )
1 A recent discovery on Basidiomycetes is
2 Fungi do not anreproduce asexually by this
3 The best description of Sporangiospore is
4 Blastospores are described as
5 Fungi reproduce sexually principally by
6 The sexual male gamete of fungi is called
7 Plasmogamy is achieved by
8 What is superficial mycoses
9 How is Ring worm distributed?
10 How is Ringworm infection controlled?
11 Sporotrichosis is best described as
12 Which of this is not a Subcutaneous mycoses?
13 Which of these fungal infections is not associated with soil habitat?
14 Systemic mycoses or deep-seated fungal infection include
15 Opportunistic mycoses include systemic
16 Inhaling arthrospores with dust usually causes
17 A dimorphic fungus which grows as a mould with a septate mycelium on culture is
18 What is the skin disease cause by this fungus result of 57?
19 The major drugs of choice for the treatment of systemic mycoses are
20 Which of these is a presentation of Aspergillous infection?
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