TMA3/BIO307 – Evolution

TMA Quiz Questions
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BIO307 – Evolution
Dr. Chukwu Maureen ( )
1 The trerm ecosytem was coined by_______
2 Which of the following models is used in community ecology
3 The type of population that can be studied with stochastic model is ____
4 Which of the following types of populations can be studied using deterministic model?
5 Which of the following is theoritic called the most developed?
6 The term ecology was coined in the year____
7 Which of the following modifies polymorphism?
8 Which of the following is the most common example of ploymorphism?
9 Which of the following is not arelated ploymorphism?
10 Which of the following theories postulated that dominant alleles always increase in frequency from generation to generation
11 Which of the following is not an assumption about transmission of genetic variation?
12 Which of the following is not a component of the mating time table?
13 If p-0.75 and q-0.25 calculate the expected frequency of AA
14 The transfer of genetic materials from one organism to another that is not offspring is known as ___
15 Which of the following is not a cause of genetic structuring?
16 The following may hinder gene flow except:
17 The following are examples of geneflow within a specie except:
18 Which of the followingis the major source of variation?
19 Who criticize the role of genetic drift by means of sampling error? I Gillespie IIProyine III Kimura
20 Who held the view that genetic drift plays a minor role in evolution?
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