TMA3/BIO301 – Genetics 2

TMA Quiz Questions
BIO301 – Genetics 2
Dr. Chukwu Maureen ( )
1 Which of the following is not a coponeney of a nucleotide?
2 The following are types of duplications except:
3 Which of the following can be used to describe the general life cycle of a virus? I. recognition of host, II. replication using nucleotide recombination, III. self assembly of caspids and packaging of genome.
4 The following are steps in general transduction except:
5 Chromosomal aberration can be due to which of the following? I. structural changes, II. numerical changes, III. allelic changes
6 Which of the following factors does not affect Hardy-Weinberg principle?
7 What are viewed as major factors in the evolution of genetic complexity? I. genetic drift, II. mutation, III. selection
8 Who first demonstrated the power of selection due to ecological factors?
9 Which of the following is true of recombinatio? I. it is an exchange between two chromosomes, II. it results in new combinations of genes, III. it must occur after gene transfer.
10 Which of the folliwing is mot a means of genetic transfer in bacteria?
11 __ mutation is caused by the insertion or a deletion of a base pair.
12 A mutation which causes no change in the activity of the protein is known as __ mutation.
13 Effects of polyploidy is seen in the following aspects except:
14 Which of the following is not a natural allopolyploid crop?
15 Natural selection will only cause evolution if :
16 The following are reasons for studying populations and gene frequencies except:
17 __ occurs when a single nucleotide is replaced with a different nucleotide.
18 Which of the following best describe translation?
19 The following are components needed ofr translation transcription except:
20 The following are stages involve in transcription except:
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