TMA3/BIO191 – General Practical Biology I

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number: SCORE=8.00
BIO191 – General Practical Biology I
Mr. Adams Abiodun ( )
1 Field study is carried out in the study of biology to ——————
2 In practical biology, you —————-
3 Which of the following is critical for good drawings?
4 In the study of biology, which of these statements is true?
5 You display instructions in the labouratory using
6 You write instructions for display in the laboratory using
7 When a display is ready, it is pasted in the
8 Why should books, notes and purses be kept in designated places in the lab?
9 Why is it that you do not drink or eat in the lab?
10 The best anaesthesizing agent in the laboratory is
11 Which of the following does not belong to the microscope group?
12 All the under listed are parts of the microscope except
13 You look into the microscope through the
14 The slide is mounted on the microscope on the
15 The microscope is
16 The light microscope uses
17 When an object is seen clearly under the microscope, it is said to be
18 The ultra structure of an object is best seen with the aid of
19 A lab coat is
20 The female Agama agama is easily distinguished with its

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