TMA2/SED413 – Science, Technology and Society

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=7.50
SED413 – Science, Technology and Society
Dr Afolabi S.S ( )
1 Which of these is a threat to human existence? I) Aforestation; II) Global warming; III) Nuclear Radiation
2 Nuclear radiation is from the —
3 Science and Technology has contributed to all except one of these
4 Which of the followings is the purpose of using fertilizer?
5 The care and processing of poultry, fish and dairy management is —
6 Which of these has science and technology done to improve health? I) medication for all types of diseases; II) providing ediagnostic equipment; III) developiny X-ray machine
7 Which of these is the oldest means of transportation?
8 Rail transportation system is used by the —
9 Which of the followings is not a means of transportation? I) Animals; II) lorries and cars; III) aircraft.
10 The state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. This refers to —
11 __ deals with the application of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to the delivery of health-care.
12 Health science is broadly categorises into —
13 Which of these is not part of health science?
14 Which of these is not a communicable disease?
15 — is the level of functional metabolic efficiency of a living organism
16 WHO is an organ in charge of —
17 Which of the following people has impacted on medical field? I) Gertrude Elion; II) Robert Koch; III) Leibnez
18 Edward Jenner’s achievement in medicine is on —
19 The first anibiotic penicillin was discovered by —
20 Which of the following assists in improving efficiency in accessibility of patient information?
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