TMA2/MAC246 – Educational Broadcasting

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=9.50
MAC246 – Educational Broadcasting
Miss Ndukwe Grace ( )
1 An educational programme presenter must be?
2 A presenter must always have acceptable behaviour that makes him/her loveable and this is called?
3 The process through which we foster in a person desirable changes both in behaviour and practice is known as?
4 WNTV was established in what year?
5 One of the main reasons for introducing television in Nigeria is?
6 Programming which is geared towards providing general information largely addressed to adults is called?
7 The process of cultural transmission of the people from one generation to the next is known as?
8 The qualities of the radio in educating include these except?
9 Who are the most difficult audience of educational braodcasting?
10 Children can be educated through the mass media through?
11 When broadcasting for children the braodcaster must choose the right?
12 What is one of the worst mistakes an instructor can make?
13 Adult education started in Nigeria when?
14 In what year did the federal government direct all state government to establish formal education agencies?
15 Mass media provides information and?
16 The mass media is a force in what environment of education?
17 Which medium of education is the fastest and easiest means to educate adults?
18 Urban communities can be reached educationally through?
19 Documentaries come from?
20 Rural broadcasting is?


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