TMA2/MAC242 – Foundations of Broadcasting

TMA Quiz Questions
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MAC242 – Foundations of Broadcasting
Miss Ndukwe Grace ( )
1 Whenever an electric current oscillates, it produces?
2 What kind of waves are used for long distance telegraphy?
3 Reception signals are most times clearer at?
4 What frequency waves are used in short wave radio broadcasting?
5 What is the major difference between radio and light waves?
6 What are waves called in broadcasting?
7 What is the distace between two waves?
8 Radio waves can be classified into how many groups?
9 For as long as a radio or televison station is turned, what does it transmit continuously?
10 Broadcasting uses which one of these as a modulation method?
11 Radio waves can only transport broadcast signals when it is?
12 Telephone lines are used for distribution in sound broad casting while television uses?
13 Which is the most important electronic equipment in a broadcast studio?
14 Radio transmission occurs because its signal flows are?
15 To handle programs, technical members of the production crew stay?
16 The group of studios in a broadcast centre is known as?
17 Who can break into a programme at any time?
18 Where does production actually occur?
19 Studios are intentionally built to be?
20 Which room is used for post-production activites to eliminate unwanted sounds?
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