TMA2/GST102 – Use of English & Communication Skills II

TMA Quiz Questions

GST102 – Use of English & Communication Skills II

1 An organised, factual and objective presentation of information can be refered to as _________

A. a fact
B. a report  
C. a story
D. a device

2 The interview is often called ________ because it helps the interview board get an insight into your personality.

A. acuity test
B. psychological test
C. personality test  
D. capability test

3 Look at the dark clouds; it _______ rain tonight.

A. can’t
B. can
C. may  
D. has

4 Which of these words should be used in a formal speech

A. commence  
B. begin
C. start
D.none of the above

5 Business letters are written for all but one of the following _______

A. communicating information  
B. requesting information
C. requesting action
D. requesting acquaintance

6 In what formal document are you expected to list the basic facts relating to your education, experience and special skills.

A. cover letter  
B. curriculum vitae
C. engagement letter
D. transfer application

7 She longed for a friend in whom she could confide’ is an example of _____ statement.

A. formal  
B. informal
C. semi-formal
D. demi-formal

8 One of the following is the most appropraite way to request for an interview _____

A. I am expecting your response and an interview date
B. i will be happy to attend an interview if you will give my the chance
C. I will be available for an interview at your earliest convenience  
D. I hope and pray hard that you will grant me an interview


9 Explaining the meaning of a concept or thing is called_________

A. illustration
B. explanation
C. definition  
D. identification

10 The language used in reporting an experiment should be_______

A. impersonal  
B. objective
C. informal
D. formal

11 One of the following is NOT correct about writing reports of experiments ______

A. It should be informal and private  
B. It should follow a logical order
C. It should be clear, brief and to the point
D. It should avoid ambiguous statements

12 Beginning a paragraph with a topic sentence ________

A. makes the paragraph more interesting
B. helps both the reader and the writer  
C. allows the building of the sentence to the topic
D. allows for an effective summary

13 He had a serious accident while getting off a ________ bus.

A. move
B. going
C. movement
D. moving  

14 Examples are used in paragraph development to __________.

A. persuade the reader that the generalization is correct  
B. present the writer’s perspective
C. identify issues
D. expand the writing

15 One of the following is NOT usually used in descriptive writing ______

A. place and position; direction
B. temporal issues
C. measurements: weight, size, volume, distance
D. shapes and patterns  

16 In the sentence, ‘The fishermen have been fishing all night long’, the tense form is_________

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A. present
B. present continuous
C. present perfect
D. present perfect continuous  

17 Re-‘ in letter writing indicates that the letter is _________

A. reply to an earlier letter  
B. reply to a new issue
C. a reference letter
D. a referral letter

18 Letters of request and letters of complaint are types of _________ letters

A. retrieval
B. order
C. formal  
D. reformal

19 In the sentence, ‘She was always out of school during the weekends in her undergraduate days’ the tense form is_______

A. simple past tense  
B. simple tense
C. past tense
D. past continuous

20 The only way to learn how to summarise is for one to __________.

A. Tremble
B. Communicate
C. Demonstrate
D. Practice  


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