TMA2/ENT421 – Risk Management

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=9.00
ENT421 – Risk Management
1 What is the impact of loss from risk?
2 What is the frequency of occurrence of risk?
3 Impact of risk event xProbability of occurence is
4 Rate of occurence x Impact of Event =
5 Risk must be …in relation to their potential severity of impact after they have been identified.
6 Esserntiallly risk assessnment is normally meant to …information for the management of the organization.
7 One of the various documents which can help risk managers to assess risk is…
8 The technique a risk manager can examine operations of an organisation is…
9 According to …(2001), the fault tree as a technique can achieve two things.
10 The technique that attempts to look at a chain of events in order to look at a chain of events in order to identify likely source of loss is…
11 …documents are prpared on new projects for use in assessing the risk exposure of such projects.
12 According to …(2009)” in several industries, some checklists for known operational risk are available and each risk can be checked…”
13 It may be epedient for the risk manager to use the …services of outside consultants in risk management.
14 Risk manager constantly…, review and necessitate adjustment by the organization on risk management.
15 The risk manager’s role also borders on prevention or accident prevention.
16 According to …(1974) the risk manager needs advisors for obtaining fair loss settlement.
17 One of the responsibilities of the risk manager is to…all the risk exposure.
18 Risk manager should have a broad education-(1991).
19 Which manager ensures effective Administration of the insurance programme of the organization.
20 Which manager is expected to enforce on the financing of residual risk of the organization.
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