TMA2/ENT419 – International Business I

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=9.00
ENT419 – International Business I
1 A nation trades because it expects to gain something from its trading partner then which is true ____________
2 What _________ s national would have to produce all commodities by itself in order to satisfy all its needed
3 Because each country has a unique set of _______ each country possesses its own unique production possibility curve
4 Adam Smith used the pricniples of absolute advantage as the ________ for international trade
5 The principle of abosolute and relative advantage rpvide a primary basis for trade to occur with explain ____________
6 ___________ is indeed the only factor of production or even a major determinant of product ontent
7 One major characteristics that distinguished human kinds from animals is the ability to overcome the harshness of _________
8 The study of geography is important in the evaluation of business and their __________
9 Knowledge of the world business__________ is pertinent to an international business manager
10 The international business manager that understands the components of the __________environment will likely perform better
11 Countries which are less blessed with natural resources create the __________ to thier advantage
12 Business decisions are strongly affected by development in the ________ at legal environment
13 Business political and legal environment consist of all except _____________
14 In business __________ creates new opportunites as well as threats
15 Studying opportunites and threats is very important for those business __________ who desire to engage in international business
16 The ___________ in which people grew up shapes their beliefs, values and norms
17 ____________ is a set of traditional beliefs and values that transmitted and shared in a given society
18 There is a fundamental _________ in world trade
19 The word ____________ moving towards similar trade culture and national economics merging into an interdependent integrated economic system is termed
20 The goal of remaining barriers to the free flow of good was enshrined in the treat known as _____________
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