TMA2/ENT417 – Production Management I

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=10.00
ENT417 – Production Management I
1 Centralized inspection has these features except:
2 ______ is means to ensure that production performance is in accordance with the time schedules.
3 The first procedure of method study is ________.
4 Which of these statements is not true about production engineering?
5 The following are the reasons for diversification except:
6 ______ is primarily concerned with the study of time and effort required to perform a task with a view at increasing efficiency.
7 When an organization decides to concentrate on a narrow range of products, it can be referred to as ______.
8 Relative to production engineering, _____ entails producing more of one type of product to gain the advantage of large scale production.
9 The need for progress control arises as a result of the following except:
10 In production, the prime objects of inspection include the following except:
11 Relative to work measurement techniques, analytical estimating is used in _____ jobs.
12 One human problem associated with work study is ______.
13 These are all work measurement techniques except:
14 Objectives of method study include the following except:
15 Inspection assumes the following forms except:
16 Method study is one of the methods of ________.
17 ______ record the simultaneous movements of the operative’s hand or other parts of the body.
18 The objectives of production planning and control are these except:
19 The prime responsibilities of the Planning and Control department include the following except:
20 _____ studies the way work is done, criticizes it where necessary and devises a better approach that leads to work efficiency.
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