TMA2/EDU332 – Introduction to Educational Technology

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=9.00
EDU332 – Introduction to Educational Technology
Mr. Adebanjo Adetayo ( )
1 The number of stages of development that can be ascribed to history of educational technology is____
2 Drawing in educational technology can be traced to the time of __
3 A good example of natural resources are from_____
4 The supporting staff in media organization can as well refer to as ______
5 The expectation of a teacher after teaching is that _____
6 Subset of teaching means_
7 The major reason for learning about the community learning resources centres is ______
8 Any activities that tends to produce the desired out come in a particular subject is called_______
9 Most graphics form of instructional materials are______
10 The two developmental period of educational technology in Nigeria as described by Aniemeka (2005) are_____
11 The computer age is synanymous to _____
12 _____ ushered the world into the communication age
13 The focal point for students at book age was____
14 NNAVA was changed to NEAMT in_______
15 The printing machine was developed by _____
16 The itinerant teachers who went from place to place to teach and be paid were called______
17 Who is reputed for the invention of educational technology
18 The overall head of the media centre who is also in charge of the day-to-day management of the centre’s resources is called______
19 _____ has the advantage of reinforcing verbal and visual messages
20 Killing of a learner’s reasoning ability means ______
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