TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=10.00
Dr Clark Anthonia ( )
1 The first nine years of Japanese education is __
2 The modern education in Japan can be traced to
3 Which of the following is NOT a quality of a good educational comparativist?
4 Which of the following associations DOES NOT have direct influence on the development of national educational systems
5 In order to overcome the problems of ethnicity, the federal government introduced all the following for his citizery EXCEPT
6 Which country has its education ideology popularly known as education for self-reliance?
7 The educational problems of each country is usually caused by
8 The earliest schools in Nigeria were founded, administered and financed by the
9 The educational system of any country is a reflection of __
10 The approach of studying Comparative Education that involves other disciplines is known as
11 The approach in which both the diet as well as the eating habit of the people in a particular country are related to the practices of their education is known as
12 Which of the following approaches to the study of Comparative Education is based on geographical, linguistic or racial boundaries?
13 The Japanese elementary schools are designed for children aged
14 Which of the following is NOT a quality of a good educational comparativist?
15 The launching of the new system of education 6-3-3-4 was done by
16 Western Formal Education in Nigeria can be traced to the
17 At what level of education are teachers allowed to use the local language of the pupils to teach them?
18 At the secondary school level, a child is expected to take two other languages in addition to his own local language
19 Which of the following approaches is carried out empirically by formulating hypotheses?
20 Which of the following approaches places emphasis on the past?
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  1. Please can I have past TMA questions on GST 105 History and philosophy of science. Also on ECE 203 language and literacy in the early years

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