TMA2/CIT102 – Software Application Skill

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=10.00
CIT102 – Software Application Skill
1 In Word Processing environment, the ______ is very similar to the tip or point of a pen and it indicates where text will appear next when it is entered from the keyboard
2 ______ involves changing the appearance of a document.
3 ______ simply means Treasury of Synonym and Antonyms where you can select alternative words for same words.
4 ______ screen allows you to see how your document will appear on paper before printing it.
5 Selecting ______ in word simply opens a blank screen for you to create a new document.
6 _____ option saves your document, using the current filename or the one given to it by Microsoft Word.
7 The application used for easier calculation is ________
8 Editing is simply defined as Text _________
9 _____ is the manipulation of characters by a machine to serve communication purposes.
10 A ______software simply uses the power and speed of a computer machine to perform some mathematical calculations or simulate some real life situations.
11 Electronic Spreadsheet application is majorly used in business by accounting professionals to perform ______ calculations
12 Database Management packages are the applications that computerize the routine tasks of recording and filing of ______
13 _________ is an application used for text preparation
14 Microsoft project is an application used for _________
15 Oracle provides application for ________ application
16 _______ is the term for changing of a document.
17 _______ packages are used for creating published materials such as Newsletters, Brochures and Flyers.
18 A very good example of Desktop Publishing packages is the ___________
19 _______ applications were among the first commercial uses of digital computers.
20 _________ is an application used for presentations
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