TMA2/CHM192 – Introductory Chemistry Practical II

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=10.00
CHM192 – Introductory Chemistry Practical II
Miss Abdul Modupe ( )
1 Which of these actions is appropriate in the laboratory?
2 When measuring a liquid, you use a_________, and you should also put it on a flat surface and get at _________ level to read it properly.
3 Which of these funnels is used in suction filtration?
4 Which of the following is NOT a laboratory accident?
5 The best time to clean glass wares is ___________.
6 ______________ is an example of a laboratory dessicant.
7 What should you do if a chemical gets into your eye?
8 The following methods can be used to separate liquids and solids EXCEPT
9 Which of the following is used to separate two immiscible liquids?
10 The best way to read the meniscus is ______________.
11 A dessicator is used to ___________.
12 Which of these can be used to measure mass?
13 What is the best treatment for a serious burn?
14 The appropriate way to test gases for odour is ___________.
15 The following EXCEPT one will help to view the meniscus correctly.
16 Which of the folowing dresses is inappropriate to wear in a laboratory?
17 Which of these flasks is useful in a distillation process?
18 Which of these laboratory apparatus may be used to crush solids into powder?
19 Which of these is useful in suction filtration set ups?
20 The S.I. unit for length is ___________.
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