TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number: SCORE=8.00
Dr. Chukwu Maureen ( )
1 Which of the following methods of measuring microbial growth depends on the fact that microbial cells scatter light that strikes them?
2 Which of the following statements best describe comparative embryology?
3 Which of the following steps is not involved in the interaction of sperm and egg?
4 Which of the following surround the early embryo and provide support for the cleavage – stage blastomeres? I. reproductive enzymes, II. mucopolysaccharides, III. hyalin, IV. Adhesive glycoproteins
5 Which of the following processes is not included in embryology?
6 Which of the following is not a type of cleavage plane?
7 Which of the following is a feature of anapahase 1?
8 At which stage of meiotic division do homologous chromosomes become paired?
9 Which of the following is not a feature of mitotic prophase?
10 Which of the following best describe embryonic stem cells?
11 In which of the following organisms is the germ line not well established?
12 Which of the following is not one of the phases of spermatogenesis?
13 The proliferation of migrating mouse premordial germ cells in culture is not increased by:
14 From which of the following cells do gametes arise?
15 Which of the following is /are the function (s) of meiosis? I .Reduce the number of chromosomes , II. Double the number of chromosomes, III. Production of granules
16 Which of the following organisms does not reproduce sexually?
17 At which phase of the mitotic division does the chrormosomes have one chromatid?
18 What is the chromosome constitution of the product of meiosis?
19 How many times does each cell go through the division process during meiosis?
20 Which of the following is a feature of mitotic telophase?
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